RADAR-baseActive Questionnaire App

Active Questionnaire App


The mobile application allows user to answer questionnaires and perform timed tasks (termed in RADAR parlance "active remote monitoring". 

The RADAR-Questionnaire app is developed in the hybrid Ionic framework with modular plugins to support native elements. The key functions of the mobile application includes 

  • Composable questionnaires, which can be generated from REDCap Data Dictionaries for a simple authoring process
  • Remote Configuration of Schedule and Questionnaire 
  • Remote notifications using Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)


TODO link to RADAR-registration page, this is general to all RADAR data sources so document it in one place

In-App Settings

It is possible to force the configuration to be refreshed by clicking on  button.

The current version of the aRMT Questionnaire app is shown as well as the Configuration (currently versioning is taken/set on the Protocol.json file, 

Remote Configuration

Configuration (i.e. the Questionnaire metadata) see RADAR-REDCap-aRMT-Definitions

Protocol/Schedule see Protocol & Schedule


See configuration options Protocol & Schedule & Firebase Cloud Messaging & Notifications Server (XMPP)

Remote Notification using Firebase Cloud Messaging

Questionnaires & Tasks

The Questionnaire app supports questionnaires containing different input types, which must be specified in a definition file (either through REDCap or by manually creating one). See RADAR-REDCap-aRMT-Definitions.

The following input types are supported:

Radio/CheckboxRangeRange InfoInfo ScreenSliderTimed TestAudioDateText

Language Support

Language translations for the in-app text are fairly easy to do see the inter RADAR-Questionnaire/src/assets/data/localisation.ts