Integrated Devices Additional Configuration


If any specific configuration is required for a particular device to connect to pRMT app and stream data it will be explained here. 

Faros 180 and 360

Faros device should be in the online mode in order to connect to the pRMT app. This can be done via Faros Manager software provided inside each device and could be installed on any Windows machine.  As shown in the below image, by default all the Faros devices are in Datalogger mode which means they will store data in their own memory. To change to the online mode please check the Online mode button and save. Once the device is in online mode it will be able to connect to the pRMT app and stream data to the RADAR server. 

Fitbit Devices

Fitbit data collection is server-to-server using the REST-Connector to retrieve processed data from Fitbit's servers. 

If you need second-level, minute-level, or hour-level data, you will need to request access to the intraday time series feature.
  1. Register at  for an account to add the API Key to, you'll need to specify details of the subscribing application.
  2. Next fill the Partnership API access form is here:
  3. After you’ve registered, send a private support request using the form on with the client ID obtained when you registered your application and an explanation of your use case. More information about the Fitbit Web API is at .

If you are interested in collecting intraday data, it is important to consistently sync devices. All Fitbit devices have a finite internal memory and if they are not synced every 5-7 days the oldest intraday data will be deleted and only daily data values will be retained for 30 days. Once you have registered to use our Web API, you will need the engineering resources to build out a custom dashboard to house/display your data.

In RADAR-base we use the REST-Connector to pull Fitbit data into the platform Once Fitbit devices are registered to user accounts they will start sending data to Fitbit's data warehouse, each Fitbit needs to approve data collection by the Rest Connector application (see: FitBit User Registration Guide.pdf)