About RADAR-base

The RADAR-base community emerged from the IMI project RADAR-CNS, where a consortium of clinicians, developers, researchers, patient organizations and EFPIA partners joined forces to transform care by leveraging sensor data from wearable devices like fitness trackers and smartphones. The combination of passively collected physiological data with active self assessment via questionnaires and scheduled cognitive tests allows a comprehensive picture of the participant’s health state. RADAR-CNS is attempting to evaluate the clinical value of sensor data for relapse prediction with the focus on three disorders of the central nervous system (CNS), epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and major depression disorder.

Repository structure

The RADAR source code is published on our Github page

All repositories contain a master and dev branch.

The Readme page of each repository contains a short description of the code, including how to use it and how to contribute. Please report problems and bugs by using Github Issues.


Before contributing, please read our Style Guide and Code of Conduct

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About the RADAR-CNS Project
Active app
Speech task
Passive App (there's another video without the presentation - but it's not uploaded onto youtube)