Completion Log

A questionnaire completion log is sent for every task to give information regarding the task's completion percentage. The schema is as follows:

Field NameTypeDescription
NameStringName of the questionnaire (e.g. ESM, PHQ8)
TimeDoubleTimestamp in UTC (s) when the questionnaire completion log is submitted. A questionnaire completion log is submitted in two ways: along with a questionnaire when it is completed (100% completion) or when the questionnaire's completion window has expired before completion (0% completion).
TimeNotificationDouble or NullTimestamp in UTC (s) when the notification to complete the questionnaire/task is sent. This is the timestamp a questionnaire is supposed to be filled. This is null if no time notification is provided (e.g. for clinical tasks done in the clinic).
CompletionPercentageDouble or NullPercentage of the questionnaire completed. 0 for not at all complete and 100 for full completion. Null if no completion value possible.


Completion logs may also be listed for the Previous Day, when the Completion Window expires at midnight.