REDCap-integration configuration

This service requires a configuration file named radar.yml that can be stored at:

  • /usr/share/tomcat8/conf/
  • /usr/local/tomcat/conf/radar/
  • at the path provided by the environment variable CONFIG_FOLDER

The configuration should follow this template. For each supported project, the projects variable should contains a item like

  url: #URL pointing REDCap instance
  project_id: #REDCap project identifier
  enrolment_event: #Unique identifier for the enrolment event
  integration_form: #Name of integration REDCap form
  token: #REDCap API Token used to identify the REDCap user against the REDCap instance
  project_name: #Management Portal project identifier

The service validates the configuration file during the deploy phase. If the file is invalid, the deploy is stopped.

Detailed Configuration

  url: something like -
project_id: the project identifier for redcap enrolment_event: Enrolment event name. In our case - enrolment_arm_1
integration_form: Integration form name to use for integrating the redcap and management portal - in our case this is- radar_integration
mp_info: project_name: The project name created in Management portal corresponding to the one in Redcap

If using one of templates from RADAR project, the enrolment_event and the integration_form should already be created.
Here is an example of the integration_form on redcap -
Also including an example of the enrolment_event -
On the project setup page go to “Define your events and designate instruments for them -> Define my instruments” as shown below-
Add a new event and the The enrolment_arm_1 looks as follows. This is to ensure that redcap integration only happens during the enrolment and not in other assessments -