RADAR-baseList of Incompatible Phones and Potential Fixes

List of Incompatible Phones and Potential Fixes

BrandModel NameCompatibility IssueReference IssueIssue Fixed
Huawei P Smart (FIG-LX1)User reported battery 30% draining with pRMT app substantially, heavier
RSD-96 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Not sure it is anything beyond the expected level of battery drainage.
SonyXperia Scanning issues with this phone's camera & some problem with the QR code or library
RSD-38 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Fixed: (this should no longer be a problem on the new QR Code)
SamsungA6Phone was reportedly not receiving notifications even though we have acknowledgements in Firebase
RSD-158 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Fixed: Turns out it was reported as a Mistake. It was not an A3 but a Huawei 10 phone which is also now receiving the notifications so seems no issue here really. Still not sure about the A6 though.

A3 and S6 reported in RSD-158 are both working

Xiaomi mi A1, note4aRMT notifications doesn't sound

Potential Fixes

For Huawei Devices 

Please see the comment here on how to configure for Huawei devices -  RSD-96 - Getting issue details... STATUS  which lists the following steps - 

You need to disable the automatic management of Apps done by Huawei by following -

1. Go to Settings
2. Go to Battery
3. Go into App Launch
4. Disable The RADAR-Questionnaire App (also the passive app)
5. Manage Manually dialog will pop-up
6. Make sure all options are enabled and click OK.

Do this for all the apps including pRMT, aRMT and Fitbit.

For Xiaomi Devices

Please take a look at this post here https://dontkillmyapp.com/xiaomi

For All Devices

For (Android P or newer)
Starting Jan 2019, FCM will not deliver messages to apps which were put into background restriction by the user (such as via: Setting -> Apps and Notification -> [appname] -> Battery). Once your app is removed from background restriction, new messages to the app will be delivered as before. In order to prevent lost messages and other background restriction impacts, make sure to avoid bad behaviors listed by the Android vitals effort. These behaviors could lead to the Android device recommending to the user that your app be background restricted. Your app can check if it is background restricted using: isBackgroundRestricted().

Thus make sure to remove the aRMT (and pRMT too) from the background restriction in the android device otherwise they will not be able to receive Notifications.

For Garmin Device issues with Huawei Phones