Upgrades on https://radar-cns-platform.rosalind.kcl.ac.uk/

February 4th, 2021

The management portal was upgraded to the latest version (0.5.3 → 0.6.3). This involves some changes including-

  1. Persistent Tokens can now be generated. These are tokens that never expire. Please do not use these unless necessary as these are less secure.

  2. Pagination in the History Page for subjects was fixed.

  3. Various other fixes. Please see https://github.com/RADAR-base/ManagementPortal/releases

February 25th, 2021

The Rest Sources Authorizer (Fitbit Authorizer) was upgraded to the latest version. This has major changes as follows-

  1. You can now only login using your Management portal Credentials.

  2. After logging in you will only have access to the projects that you have access to in the management portal.

  3. It now shows the External User Id (the one from redcap) for easier review of users.

  4. You don’t need to enter the Project Id and User Id manually anymore. All the projects/subjects will be available in the drop-down to be selected when authorising a new user.

  5. The Action buttons (like delete, reset, etc) have been converted to icons to save space and look better.

  6. The editing functionality is now under the Info button under the Actions column.

The filtering is not working right now but it will be fixed soon.

Note that it might take longer to load users since it has to authenticate with the management portal now, this is especially true for projects with a large number of users. So be patient if you select the project and it is taking a while to load the users.