Additional phone setting setup for Android 9 (P or later)

Android 9 (P or later) smartphones require an additional attention after the software update. There is a possibility that the battery background restrictions are enabled and this might interfere the RADAR notification system. It is important that you ensure that the RADAR-CNS apps do not have battery use restrictions.

This needs to be checked for aRMT, pRMT, and FitBit apps (Thinc-it is not needed). You can check it using the following pathway from the phones:

\\ Settings →  Apps and Notifications [appname] Battery

[It should mention in the section “Background restriction”, something e.g., “App can use battery in background”. If it indicates that the app battery use is restricted, then click “Background restriction” and follow the phone procedure to change it]

Some examples are below. Please note that the setting pathway might differ in some Android phones. If you do not find this path from the participants’ phones, try to search first in the Internet the instructions on that specific device. Otherwise if no luck, please notify Yatharth Ranjan & Amos Folarin.

At the same time – please check that the battery optimization is disabled (“not optimized”).